Hundeggar Saw Rollers

Here at AMES Direct has developed a solution for recovering existing worn rollers from Hundeggar Saws. By removing the old worn Rubber we are able to recover these rollers with a High Performance Polyurethane which will outlast OEM Rollers at a reduced purchase price.

Replace v’s Recover. From a value perspective it is a no-brainer, the benefits include

  • It cost’s less to recover a roller than purchase brand new
  • Our High Performance Polyurethane offers better wear life than OEM Rubber.
  • Less time replacing rollers = Reduced Downtime
  • Outsmart your competition with high performance Hundeggar Rollers
  • Made to OEM specifications. Dimensions are identical.
  • Aesthetically they look better, do your Hundeggar a favour!



OEM Hundeggar Rollers are a White Rubber formulation which measures at 70a Shore, our recommendation is to use a 70a Polyurethane which offers are significantly longer wear resistance than OEM rollers.

  • 70a Shore: Matches OEM Hardness with improved life.
  • We can custom formulate any hardness to suit your application (even rubber), just ask!
  • All Hundeggar Rollers are recovered in Orange Polyurethane for ease of identification as an AMES Direct quality roller.
  • Ask us today for a price list for recoating your Hundeggar Rollers!