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AMES Direct has a solution to recovering your existing Weinig Feed Rollers.


The Process?

Based on experience in recovering Weinig Wheels over the years, we have streamlined the production process these wheels go through to recover these rollers. Here at AMES Direct your Weinig Rollers these rollers follow this quality assured process:

• The Aluminium Hub is inspected thoroughly for cracks and other imperfections that will affect maximum performance. The locating grub screw is removed at this point.

• The existing Rubber or Polyurethane is removed, and the Roller is prepared for sand blasting

• The Roller Outside surface is sandblasted and Primed for maximum adhesion for bonding the Polyurethane.

• The Polyurethane is prepared and the Roller is placed in a mould locating the roller central.

• The Polyurethane is poured into mould, and once set it is removed from the mould.

• The Roller is then placed into an oven overnight for curing, and maximum compound properties.

• The Roller is removed from the oven, allowed to cool and given its final clean.

• The Grub Screw is greased and rethreaded.

• The Roller is packaged.



All of the above process comes at below market costs. Our customers often ask why our costs are competitive, yet the quality of our rubber & polyurethanes is first class. The secret is improving production efficiently through streamlined processes- not reducing the quality of the rubber & polyurethane, we don’t compromise on quality.



OEM Weinig Wheels are a Rubber formulation which measures at 70a Shore, we offer Polyurethane which offers are significantly longer wear resistance than OEM and other alternative manufacturers.

• 70a Shore: Matches OEM Hardness – improved life. Used in MDF, Softwood & Melamine applications

• 93a Shore: 20% harder than OEM – will last longer in hardwood applications. Not suitable for softer or glossy materials. However, this advice is user specific.

• We can custom formulate any hardness to suit your application (even rubber), just ask!

• All Weinig Rollers are recovered in Orange Polyurethane for ease of identification as an AMES Direct quality roller.


Replace v’s Recover

From a value perspective it is a no-brainer. However let us educate you;

• It cost’s less to recover a roller than purchase brand new

• Polyurethane offers better wear life than OEM Rubber.

• Less time replacing rollers = Reduced Downtime

• Outsmart your competition with high performance Weinig Rollers

• Aesthetically they look better, do your Weinig a favour!

Contact AMES Direct for pricing on recoating your Weinig Rollers


AMES Direct are proud to have recently relined these Rollers used in Transmission Cable installations. This wheel is a SPP-1B-610-UL (710mm OD) used to string power cables.

These Rollers are imported from the US with a poor quality urethane lining not UV Rated. After exposed to the harsh environments in Australia the OEM urethane breaks down and creates issues whilst stringing. We were approached by our customer with rollers requiring refurbishment.

AMES Direct have developed a highly cost effective solution so the original wheel is kept and is relined with a UV Stable Premium Grade Polyurethane and will outlast the previous urethane lining multiple times. Resolving what was needing replacing and keeping the solid alloy cast wheel, our customer now has a premium high performance product.

We look forward to hearing how these perform because as far as we are aware, this is the first time a Transmission Roller has been successfully relined in Australia! If you work in the Industry or know some who does please take the time to enquire further on The Rubber Roller & Component Specialists Solution to save thousands!

At AMES Direct we continue the roller recovering and manufacturing service that has been offered for over 75 years. We are committed to understanding your requirements, suggest a solution and work with you to bring about the desired result. The solution to your needs is our priority. Contact us now to discuss your needs.



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