About Us

Our History

AMES Agency Australia was established in Sydney, NSW in 1938 and quickly became recognised as the market leader providing Speciality Tools to the electronics industry and Rubber Rollers nationwide. At the turn of the century AMES Agency moved to the Central Coast and renamed AMES Rollers, where we were focused on Rollers and took our reputation to the next level.


AMES Today

AMES Direct as we are known today, is 100% Australian owned and operates from Goulburn, NSW. From our new facility we are able to continue to adopt new and evolving technology. Our focus is in the supply of High Performance Rubber & Polyurethane Coverings on Rollers & Wheels – AMES Direct is now truly the direct supplier for all your requirements. We have a dedicated team of staff whose goal is to identify the problem, suggest the most appropriate options and then manufacture in the most efficient, cost effective solution whilst under the scrutiny of our Quality Controlled workshop.


Our Strengths

Servicing a vast range of industries, you will benefit from our strengths in industry experience, reasonable lead times, reasonable pricing real customer service and a commitment to exceed your requirements. While not qualified chemists, our team have unparalleled knowledge of the industry and are always available to provide expert advice on compounds and surface finishes that will suit your application.


Our Vision

The AMES Direct vision is to be considered as the Leader in Rubber & Polyurethane Rollers, Wheels & Components in the Australiasian Region.


Our Mission

The AMES Direct mission is to have our High Performance Rubber & Polyurethane Rollers, Wheels & Component in every truly efficient production, processing and warehousing facility in Australia. Every day we strive to exceed our customers expectations in quality, service and innovation through continuous improvement and customer interaction.