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Quick overview of our roller capacities?

For the time poor here’s a brief overview of our capacities in Rubber & Polyurethane Roller Coverings;



–  Up to 6 metres long

–  1700mm Diameter

– 4 tonne+

– Coater Roll & Print Roll surface RA if required



–  TDI & MDI Polyurethanes

–  Polyether & Polyester Polyurethane

–  Hot Vulcanised Rubbers including Nitrile, Neoprene, Natural, Silicone, EPDM, Hypalon and many more

–  15A Shore up to 80D Shore


This covers most roller applications in Australia – contact us today to discuss your roller requirements with one of our specialists.

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High Performance Wheel Coverings

We specialise in High Load & High Speed Wheel Coverings with expertise to engineer wheels to suit your application. Wheel Coverings should be viewed differently to Roller Coverings as factors such Load, Stress and deflection play a greater role in the longevity of the Rubber or Polyurethane Covering.

AMES Direct process a range of compounds designed specifically for wheels including mine-spec natural rubbers and high performing polyurethanes. Our wheels are easily recognised by the ‘AMES Blue’ colour for all polyurethane coverings including high temperature, low-heat build up, anti-freeze, low fatigue, hard & soft compounds for every application. Our wheels are installed in many applications including trommel wheels, industrial automation, production line wheels, drive wheels, idler wheels, crane wheels, shuttle wheels, laundry wheels, encoder wheels and many more.

Having issues with delaminating wheels? Ask us for a scientific based load calculations on your wheels to ensure we engineer a wheel that is within a ‘safe operating zone’ and not overloaded.

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A material selection guide for Rubber Roller Coverings?

Looking for a guide for what covering to use on your Rubber Rollers?

We’ve responded to your request by compiling 30+ years of industry expertise into one simple and easy to read chart.

Material Selection Guide – a comprehensive guide explaining the characteristics, hardness availability, recommended applications and most importantly environments we suggest not to use the material. Includes most Rubber types and Polyurethane.

Head over to our Resources Page to see this chart.

We have made recovering and relagging rollers easy!

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Reasonable Lead times during COVID-19

Here at AMES Direct we understand the importance of the role we play in supporting Australian Manufacturers. That’s why we have kept our doors open to play our part in supporting the economy during this crisis, particularly supporting the Food & Beverage, Packaging, Health & Hygiene manufacturing plants here in Australia.