Conveyor Sleeves

Here at AMES Direct we have developed press-fit (slide-on) sleeves to suit 50mm Diameter Conveyor Rollers. For the conveyed product these provide protection from scratches, dents, markings and noise generated from the plain steel roller. As 50mm diameter conveyor rollers are universal, our sleeves fit tightly over the roller with the assistance of compressed air. We can either fit the sleeves to your roller or supply you with sleeves & tooling for you to fit them in your workshop.

As these Conveyor Sleeves are hot-cast from Polyurethane it is easy to customize these to suit your application. We can make these up to 800mm long, from 30a Shore to 93a Shore Hardness and in any colour. We stock 800mm lengths in 77a Shore Yellow. These are popular in:

  • Aluminium Production Facilities
  • Powder Coat Facilities
  • Anodizing Facilities
  • Airport Security Conveyors
  • Glass Production Facilities
  • Logistic/Distribution Centres
  • Food Production Lines
  • And many more sites across Australia