High Performance Wheel Coverings

In todays fast paced market, manufacturers are asking more productivity from their equipment by increasing speeds and loads. In turn this results in faster wear & tear on all the maintenance points on the equipment including Rubber or Polyurethane Coated wheels. As a machine operator or fitter you may be aware of premature failure (melt downs, blow outs, delamination’s, excessive wear etc).

AMES Direct is a specialist in Wheel Coverings, with a range of High Performance compounds suited to these extreme environments. We work closely with our clients to improve the performance of these wheels to reduce maintenance costs, breakdowns/shutdowns, improve production speeds and capacity. Using data provided by our clients AMES Direct can perform laboratory testings to evaluate a compounds suitability to operate safely in the environment.

In some applications we have seen wheels improve from 10 hours lifespan to 30+ weeks. Contact us today to speak to one of our specialists about your situation.

Wheel Types

  • Trommel Wheels
  • Automated Picking Machines
  • Guide Wheels
  • Production Line Wheels
  • Drive Wheels
  • Idler Wheels
  • Transmission Wheels
  • Crane Wheels
  • Forklift Wheels
  • Scissor Lift Wheels
  • Shuttle Wheels
  • Cable Wheels
  • High Speed Wheels
  • High Load Wheels
  • Encoder Wheels
  • Trolley Wheels
  • ... And many more

Examples of our work